Fairgrounds Info

Emergency Procedure + Fairgrounds Map

Our Procedures

The Fair Board will have a weather Radio in the Office or manned at all times. If the National Weather Serves Announces a Watch for Sever Weather, the Iowa County Fair Board will speak to the M.P. Fire Chief and get more information in order to announce the watch on the PA to inform the public. If the National Weather Serves Announces a Sever Weather Warning, the Iowa County Fair Board will Contact the Chief of Mineral Point Fire Department to get in-depth information to announce on the PA. The next steps to take.

Evacuation Process

In case of an evacuation the lower and upper gates will be used for vehicle traffic. You will be directed out of the upper gate near the main office, all vehicles will be required to turn right. If using the lower gate near the Schimming Building all vehicles will be required to turn left. The middle gate will be for foot traffic or individuals that are without transportation. Buses will be located in Cummins parking lot to take individuals to a safe area. (map at bottom of page)

Take Cover on the Grounds

Not a lot of cover on the grounds. The only sever weather shelter would be located inside of the under pass (tunnel) or inside of the bathrooms under the grandstand.

In Case of Barn or Structural Fire

Biggest Concern is to keep people out of the barns and away from the area to allow the firefighters access to do their job. The Firefighters main concern is for Human Lives, individuals are strongly discouraged to a empt to save any livestock in the case of a Barn Fire

Keep Fire Lanes and ends of the barns clear of vehicles so the Fire Department can get in.

In Case of a Medical Emergency

The Iowa County Fair Board does put a person at the front gate on an ATV in order to lead the EMT’s from the front gate to the individual in need of care.

Extremely important to keep the area clear of onlookers in order to make way for the EMT’s.