Fair Administration and Committees

Fair Board Officers

Head Officers

  • President - Gary Schmit
  • Vice President - Kevin Butteris
  • Secretary - Sarah Mueller
  • Treasurer - Cheryl Simmons


Gary Schmit, Kevin Butteris, Sarah Mueller, Cheryl Simmons, Steve Simmons, Carolyn Butteris, Doug Rider, Darrin Stanton, Tammy Rule, Jeremy Meek (Co. Bd.), Bob Bunker (Co. Bd.), Bill Mitchell (4-H), Don Kreul (Extension)

Committees  * indicates chairperson

Fair Office

Cheryl Simmons Sarah Mueller

Premium Books

* Tammy Rule
Elaine Buening

Buildings and Grounds

* Darrin Stanton
Gary Schmit, Kevin Butteris, Doug Rider


* Doug Rider
Jeff Thomas, Steve Barth, Larry Springer, Bob Bunker (Co. Bd.), Elaine Buening, Lora Springer, Mike Robinson, All Livestock Superintendents

Rental and Offseason

* Gary Schmit
Kevin Butteris, Darrin Stanton


* Tammy Rule
Kevin Butteris, Gary Schmit, Darrin Stanton, Doug Rider, Cheryl Simmons


* Gary Schmit
Darrin Stanton

Grand Writing and Promotion

* Tammy Rule
Gary Schmit

Livestock Auction

* Doug Rider

New Projects and County Involvement

* Gary Schmit
Kevin Butteris, Bob Bunker (Co. Bd.), Cheryl Simmons

Space and Consessions

* Darrin Stanton
Kevin Butteris

Fairest of the Fair

* Bill Mitchell (4-H)
Carolyn Butteris


* Cheryl Simmons

Lead Veterinarian

Dr. Amy Robinson and Dodgeville Large Animal Veterinarian Clinic