• President – Jarred Searls
  • Vice President – Gary Schmit
  • Secretary – Tammy Rule
  • Treasurer – Kevin Butteris


Jarred Searls, Gary Schmit, Hayden Yager, Paul Yager, Tim Lindholm, Steve Simmons, Kevin Butteris, Doug Rider, Tammy Rule, Bill Mitchell, Muffy Swingen, Sarah Weier, Morgan Worek, Dan Clark


Fair Office/Fair Book/Judges: Tammy Rule*, Carolyn Butteris*, Clarisa Lindholm, Paula Rider, Emily Rider, Sarah Weier, Muffy Swingen, Molly Hendrickson and Kevin Butteris

Entertainment: Tammy Rule*, Hayden Yager*, Clarisa Lindholm, Jade Brindley, Carolyn Butteris, Molly Hendrickson, Dan Clark, Paul Yager, Tim Lindholm, Kellie Profitt, Bryant Gill and Meg Gill

Grounds/Rental/Vendors/Camping/New Projects: Doug Rider*, Kevin Butteris*, Steve Simmons, Paul Yager, Gary Schmit, Cord Yager, Hayden Yager, Tim Lindholm, Jeff Kast, Bill Mitchell, Tim Sullivan, Dawn Sullivan, Kellie Profitt, Darrin Stanton and Morgan Pittz

Grants/Sponsorship/Community Involvement/Advertisement: Tammy Rule*, Molly Hendrickson*, Emily Rider, Clarisa Lindholm, Jade Brindley, Tiffany Gardner, Ricky Rolfsmeyer, Kasi Greenwood, Reigning Fairest of the Fair (Jaynie Rule), Kevin Butteris, Morgan Pittz and Bob Bunker

Corporate Sponsorship: Kevin Butteris*, Tammy Rule*, Gary Schmit, Ricky Rolfsmeyer, Emily Rider, Jade Brindley, Molly Hendrickson, Tiffany Gardner, Carolyn Butteris and (Reigning Fairest of the Fair Jaynie Rule)

Fairest of the Fair: Carolyn Butteris*, Kellie Profitt, Clarisa Lindholm, Jade Brindley, Molly Hendrickson, Laura Gray

Auction: Tim Lindholm*, Jennie Pete*, Bob Bunker, Cord Yager, Doug Rider, Jackie McCarville, Bryant Gill, Tim Sullivan, all Livestock Superintendents and Auctioneers

Financial Advisory Committee: Paul Yager*, Jarred Searls*, Angela Schubert, Doug Rider, Paula Rider, Hayden Yager, Morgan Pittz, Meg Gill, Tim Sullivan, Tim Lindholm and Kevin Butteris

Executive Committee (In Case of Emergency): Jarred Searls, Gary Schmit, Tammy Rule, Paula Rider, Doug Rider, Steve Simmons, Tim Lindholm, Clarisa Lindholm and Emily Rider

Lead Veterinarian: Dr. Amy Robinson and Military Ridge Veterinary Service for 24-hour service

*Indicates Chairperson